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Day 3 …missed the first 2

3 Jan

Meant to start this on Jan 1st but like most resolutions it was forgotten..So day 3! I will be doing a photo a day to capture the sort of day I have had . Some will be boring some will be funny or just plain rubbish , bit like life itself really 🙂
Had a very tired start to the new year …feel like a toddler out of the sleep routine but hey ho . I 40ish , married to Mr S for nearly six years we have 3 children . Two girls 22 and 16 from previous relationship and one boy 8 who we had before we git married .
I work in the NHS as a support worker which is amazingly intetesting.
I will put the first three pictures of the year on and then one a day from then on .. this is my first blog so wish me luck :-))